“I think I take pieces of people with me.”   Figuratively, of course.   I spoke those words to a school counselor early in high school. I remember picturing little specks of multi-colored glass in the palm of my hand. Each tiny fragment represented a memory or feeling; some were big and sharp but others(…)

Aiden the Protector

Thanking the barista while I grabbed my extra-dry cappuccino and Chris’ skim mocha, I made my way to the children’s book area. Barnes & Noble was hopping; I tightly embraced both cups o’ joe to prevent any spillage as I dodged tiny heads bouncing up-and-down all around me.   Ahhhh…how I wish I had the(…)

Being “Busy”

Last night I did all the wrong things before bedtime: scrutinized every task left unfinished, scanned Pinterest on my iPhone, watched mindless TV onDemand and neglected to wash my face. Aiden was asleep, Chris was asleep, the dog was asleep and I wanted to join them. The desire to cop some z’s was not enough,(…)

A "Super" Time

I could feel my jaw tensing as I slowly ground my teeth together.  Bad habit, I know, but breaking said proclivity was no easy feat.  I was on edge – irritation slyly creeping through my body as if to conceal a sinister takeover plan.  All too quickly, I surrendered and let myself fall into the(…)