A Word

There is a word that I try not to say… A word that I take care not type… A word that I don’t let float around my mind, if I can help it… Cancer. Ugh, there I just said it, typed it and thought it. Back in May 2010, our lives changes forever. Aiden, only(…)


“I think I take pieces of people with me.”   Figuratively, of course.   I spoke those words to a school counselor early in high school. I remember picturing little specks of multi-colored glass in the palm of my hand. Each tiny fragment represented a memory or feeling; some were big and sharp but others(…)

The Shower

Last night I didn’t want to shower. Strange intro to a blog entry, I know. The truth is – I learned much about myself when Aiden was in treatment and this “shower thing” was one of the line items on my list of self-truths.  Yes, showers can be refreshing and calming, a direct conduit to(…)

Last we spoke…

Last we spoke – well, last I wrote – I painted you a picture of my life.  My words drew an outline of a happy family; a household that struggled but overcame unimaginable odds.  The pencil sketch wasn’t perfect but the lines were strong and ambition was real.  Since my last entry, I found the(…)