Peace of Mind

I think I have been avoiding the blog.   It wasn’t completely intentional (dot dot dot).   However, I did knowingly shoo away a thought last night about Hello Sunshine and when typing in the web address for a Bloomingdales gift registry, I felt a twinge of guilt when I saw begin to appear,(…)

Tempering the Tantrum

Sunday, 10:00PM   Mom-maaaay…   Mommmmmm-maaaaay!   Mommy, you annoying me! Do you hear me? Mom-maaay!     I heard the words (“annoying” happened to be a new one), but I couldn’t help but smile after the weekend we had.   I sunk a little deeper into the feathery plumpness of my pillow. It smelled(…)

A Word

There is a word that I try not to say… A word that I take care not type… A word that I don’t let float around my mind, if I can help it… Cancer. Ugh, there I just said it, typed it and thought it. Back in May 2010, our lives changes forever. Aiden, only(…)