Read Me, Read Me!

Tiny Moments Matter is a blog about life.  My life, to be a teensy-bit more specific.

Hi, I’m Leslie.

I started writing back when my baby boy, Aiden, was diagnosed with cancer, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma.  That was 2010, the year everything in my world changed.  Aiden is now 6 years old (going on 20, let me tell you) and it’s hard to know that he ever endured 3 port surgeries, 56 rounds of chemotherapy, a multitude of blood transfusions and 29 days of radiation.  He is 4 years post-treatment and goes in for routine imaging every year.  Aiden is also part of the late-effects clinic. With cancer treatment, comes risk (even years later); we just like to keep a close eye on things.

Aiden is my inspiration, my hero.

Writing about life is complicated.  I strive to be open and honest but take care to respect those I love.  I also work hard to not take myself too seriously.  Laughter is a necessity.  I choose to embrace my messy existence and celebrate opportunities grow.

With all that being said, read on and remember that tiny moments matter!

God bless!



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