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A "Super" Time

I could feel my jaw tensing as I slowly ground my teeth together.  Bad habit, I know, but breaking said proclivity was no easy feat.  I was on edge – irritation slyly creeping through my body as if to conceal a sinister takeover plan.  All too quickly, I surrendered and let myself fall into the(…)

Curious Aiden

“Mommy, I had a goooooodnap. Can we go to the library now?” While working on my last blog post, this – spoken in a sweet, squeaky, post-nap voice – is what I heard coming from Aiden’s room. As I leaned my desk chair back and peered out of my office, all I saw was a(…)

The Shower

Last night I didn’t want to shower. Strange intro to a blog entry, I know. The truth is – I learned much about myself when Aiden was in treatment and this “shower thing” was one of the line items on my list of self-truths.  Yes, showers can be refreshing and calming, a direct conduit to(…)

My Little Sunshine

It is cloudy today in Loudoun County, Virginia, so I thought it was the perfect time to share a little “sunshine” with each of you.  There is no question, Aiden is MY sunshine and this video brings a smile to my face.  Please enjoy Aiden’s “rock” version of You are My Sunshine.  Also, my last(…)

Last we spoke…

Last we spoke – well, last I wrote – I painted you a picture of my life.  My words drew an outline of a happy family; a household that struggled but overcame unimaginable odds.  The pencil sketch wasn’t perfect but the lines were strong and ambition was real.  Since my last entry, I found the(…)


About a year ago, as the end to Aiden’s treatment started to near, I found myself daydreaming about writing.  I needed to let my creative juices flow, write out loud and really start celebrating all the little accomplishments in my very new life.  Every millisecond of downtime and moment of gentle stillness I found my(…)

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