“This is My Party Shirt”

“I WILL BE THERE IN A MINUTE!” I tossed the warm sherpa throw from my newly heated feet and clicked the dial to off.  The messy bun atop my head began to unravel so I grabbed a red colored pencil from the countertop and twisted the knot of tangles back into place.  I looked like(…)


“I was wearing my black Calvin Klein underwear set while they stared at me.”   This was the opening sentence to my college application essay. No, really, it was. I realized early on the importance of owning one’s hardships and finding light when the world seems dark.  During my sophomore year of high school, I(…)

My Big Kid

“You have to pray for me mommy because I am sick.”   My heart skipped a beat but I didn’t let it show. Instead I felt the corners of my mouth lift upward as I planted a huge wet one in the center of his forehead.   “Mommy is always praying for you, silly boy.”(…)

Happy List

This is a follow-up to the last post that I wrote.  If you would like to read “Peace of Mind” first, please click here.   MY HAPPY LIST:  1. Aiden’s genetics testing results are in and he did not test positive for the gene mutation in question!!   Halleluiah!   If you were sitting next to(…)

Peace of Mind

I think I have been avoiding the blog.   It wasn’t completely intentional (dot dot dot).   However, I did knowingly shoo away a thought last night about Hello Sunshine and when typing in the web address for a Bloomingdales gift registry, I felt a twinge of guilt when I saw www.blogger.com begin to appear,(…)

Tempering the Tantrum

Sunday, 10:00PM   Mom-maaaay…   Mommmmmm-maaaaay!   Mommy, you annoying me! Do you hear me? Mom-maaay!     I heard the words (“annoying” happened to be a new one), but I couldn’t help but smile after the weekend we had.   I sunk a little deeper into the feathery plumpness of my pillow. It smelled(…)

A Word

There is a word that I try not to say… A word that I take care not type… A word that I don’t let float around my mind, if I can help it… Cancer. Ugh, there I just said it, typed it and thought it. Back in May 2010, our lives changes forever. Aiden, only(…)


“I think I take pieces of people with me.”   Figuratively, of course.   I spoke those words to a school counselor early in high school. I remember picturing little specks of multi-colored glass in the palm of my hand. Each tiny fragment represented a memory or feeling; some were big and sharp but others(…)

Aiden the Protector

Thanking the barista while I grabbed my extra-dry cappuccino and Chris’ skim mocha, I made my way to the children’s book area. Barnes & Noble was hopping; I tightly embraced both cups o’ joe to prevent any spillage as I dodged tiny heads bouncing up-and-down all around me.   Ahhhh…how I wish I had the(…)

Being “Busy”

Last night I did all the wrong things before bedtime: scrutinized every task left unfinished, scanned Pinterest on my iPhone, watched mindless TV onDemand and neglected to wash my face. Aiden was asleep, Chris was asleep, the dog was asleep and I wanted to join them. The desire to cop some z’s was not enough,(…)